Utilizing only a drum kit, bass guitar, and vocal cords, Double Dagger manage to create a colossal wall of sound that touches on classic elements of hardcore and the boundless vision of early Punk while crafting a distilled, singular racket. Modern design is knocked on its ass and revived through a filter of tamed feedback as the Baltimore trio forge their frantic, post-punk anthems. Championing "luxury condos for the poor" and critiquing the emptiness of spent language, Double Dagger have distilled crisp snare attack, fuzzed-out bass lines, and Nolen Strals' clever, biting lyrics into an aural expectorant for our modern world.

After a successful series of EPs, split releases and live recordings, the band has returned with their most fully-realized release to date. Ragged Rubble, the band's 2nd full-length will be released on June 12. The Album's 12 tracks build rapidly, trading attack and counter-attack, rivaling the intensity of their frenetic live shows. Designed by acclaimed design collective Post Typography, this unique release is limited to 1000 copies!

Emerging from the bustling Baltimore DIY music scene that has given birth to tour-mates, Dan Deacon, The Death Set, and Ecstatic Sunshine, Double Dagger has also performed with Lightning Bolt, The Thermals, Japanther, Pissed Jeans, Melt Banana, Erase Errata, Wolf Eyes, and Matt & Kim. Double Dagger are planning extensive tours for the summer and fall of 2007.

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