Coffin Pricks, a semi-musical combo located in Chicago, is comprised of 4 gentle men who were at once in a bunch of bands some people may have heard of, but now play in a new one. Chris Thomson (Circus Lupus / The Monorchid / Skull Kontrol / Red Eyed Legends / Ignition) sings, Ryan Weinstein (Cavity / Maximum Wage / White Savage / Euphone / The Lanterns) plays guitar (and bass on the first 45 rpm record), Jeff Rice (Ottawa / Daylight Robbery) plays drums, and English gent Chay Lawrence (Bob Tilton) plays bass.

They have just released their debut EP, Group Home Haircut, which was recorded and engineered by Mike Lust (Tight Phantomz, Lustre King) at Phantom Manor Studios.

COFFIN PRICKS - Group Home Haircut
45 RPM / SHR-005
Limited edition of 300!