Stationary (Heart) was born out of a synaptic explosion of curiosity, the drive to learn how to make your own records, and the desire to help out great musicians who didn't have the time, know-how, or resources to put out their own music. Some basic knowledge of recording, a bit of hands-on experience with design and printing, and an intrinsic love for hand-made goods collided with the two perfect artists to form the first collaboration.

Bits and pieces of that first motivating moment are present in everything we've done and continue to work on. Whether it's helping put out music that wouldn't be released otherwise or providing the gunpowder to propel the release, Stationary (Heart) has been working to provide bands the means to successfully document their work and join forces with the some of the amazing artists around them.

Moving from San Francisco to Chicago in 2005, we have been working on projects in many formats and have been planning releases for cassettes, CD-Rs, and DVDs with all sorts of varied packaging to create unique records. We have showcased our artists on a national level by working with independent stores, distributors, and other labels here in Chicago and abroad that share our ideology, inspiration, and drive.

You can find our releases distributed through Southern Records, Carrot Top, Morphius, Insound, ZUM, and through such fine independent retailers as Permanent Records, Atomic Books, and Celebrated Summer.

For press inquiries and interview requests, please contact info[at]stationaryheart[dot]com.